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    Drive social movements with a single postcard

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  • Postcard Embrace

    Create memories other can feel

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    Discover and share contemporary artwork from a curated collection

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About Us

Postcard is dedicated to redefining how we take action in the digital space.

Our platform uses physical postcards created from locally-sourced and sustainable materials to create tangible opportunities for individual and collective expression through advocacy, arts and education.

On our four platforms, you can turn digitally-captured experiences, thoughts, and feelings into postcards that IMPACT social change, EMBRACE others with shared moments, exhibit limited EDITION artwork, and EDUCATE students through civic participation.

You choose the images and words to create a postcard from your computer or phone. We print and send it. It’s that simple.

Postcard is proud to be a New York City-based Public Benefit Corporation and a Certified B-Corp. We source our services and materials locally. This starts with our Manhattan-based headquarters and printing presses, and continues into our key partnerships with upstate New York’s Mohawk for high-quality paper backed by a longstanding practice of social and environmental responsibility & Brooklyn’s Vanderbilt Republic for creative/design and executive curation of the EDITION marketplace.

  • Drive social movements with a single postcard

    We live in an era of digitally-enabled activism. A single hashtag can capture the imaginations and passions of a million followers. There’s huge power in numbers. But affecting change requires something else: presence.

    Postcard Impact dimensionalizes online collective action. We are a simple, digital tool for creating personalized postcards that are printed and delivered en masse to the real world. One batch may end up on a Senator’s desk. Another batch may appear as an art mural in a public space. A third batch may be distributed at a live event. The possibilities are limitless.

    One postcard can make a huge impression. Especially when it is accompanied by a few thousand friends.


  • Create memories others can feel

    Who doesn’t love getting a postcard? It’s more than just a pretty picture: It’s inspiration, it’s aspiration, it’s connection.

    Postcard Embrace lets you to use your own images and words to create a classic 4.25”x6” paper postcard and send it to anyone you choose, anywhere in the world. Take a few of your digital memories and make them into something long-lasting.

    Each Postcard Embrace purchase supports our ability to offer the Postcard Educate platform to educators and students at no cost. Basically every 100 Embrace cards bought gives a class an Educate campaign for free.


  • Discover and share contemporary artwork from a curated collection

    Every day artists around the world produce authentic expressions of the human spirit. They're driven by dreams and passionate, and now we're giving them a platform.

    Postcard Edition creates an opportunity to discover and share artwork from a global collection curated by our partners at The Vanderbilt Republic. Select a powerful piece of art, write a personal message, and we’ll send a 6”x9” enveloped postcard to anyone, anywhere in the world.

    Every purchase financially supports the selected artist while expanding awareness of their work.


  • Bring grassroots, social action campaigns to the classroom

    Postcard Educate is a social action platform created specifically for classrooms at all grade levels. It is designed for teachers working to inspire students to become global citizens dedicated to making the world a better place through action.

    With Postcard Educate, students and educators create their own Postcard Impact-style campaigns. Students choose the issue, create the campaign, and write the call-to-action. We print and deliver the final set of postcards to the classroom, and to those the students are hoping to make an impression on.

    Teachers have access to an engaging tool for integrating social action into their curriculum and students gain experience in creating grassroots movements.


Our Story

Wouldn’t it be amazing if right now, everyone across the country sent Congress a postcard with their face on the front and their personal message on the back telling these politicians to do their job?

This was one evening back in October 2013 during the government shutdown and I was sitting in a fluorescent-lit, downtown Manhattan conference room with my age-old friend, Sam, and a business associate of his, David.

Going into this meeting, I had a pretty good grasp on how most non-profits engaged their supporters online—through e-petitions, #hashtags and other low maintenance, low impact methods. But I also understood from my experience that most inspired people wanted to do more around the issues and causes they cared about, beyond a click or two. They yearned to participate and feel a part of something bigger. They wanted to have a real, tangible impact and effect change.

I was in this room sharing the Congress idea with David as a possible way to transform one of his web properties, Postcard.com, into a collective action, social impact platform.

David immediately loved the idea, using postcards as “a physical Twitter” and, as an experienced entrepreneur himself with an amazing zeal for taking action, asked what the next steps were to make this happen.

There were many steps needed to start hammering Washington with individualized paper postcards, but on that night, we did make a commitment to build a company that had the capacity and the will to do so. With David’s printing expertise, Sam’s financial acumen and my marketing and philanthropy chops, we set off to create The New Postcard.

From the first days, a few basic principles were established that constituted the core of what Postcard is today:

1. Be, Don’t Act Socially Responsible. When we set out to incorporate the new Postcard entity, we wanted to be socially responsible, and not just blow smoke at a trendy topic. Starting with the legal filing of the company, we formed Postcard.com as a PBC, or Public Benefit Corporation rather than a straightforward C-Corp. This ensured that the company was responsible, sustainable and transparent at the very core of its foundation. This was followed by our B-Corp application, which has now led us to be a full on Certified B-Corp.

We knew that paper-and-ink printing can be an amazingly sustainable industry and we wanted to make sure we went the extra step by sourcing locally for the paper we printed on. We found the perfect partner in New York’s own Mohawk Paper, a company that elegantly aligned with our own beliefs. On top of how our business is run, our employees each live a life striving to leave the world a better place—from the time they spend volunteering to the transportation choices they make, the thread of social responsibility ties our entire organization together.

2. New York, New York. I was born in Queens and live here today with my wife and two boys. I have spent my entire life in the New York City area and having been in the city through its many up and downs. I knew that if I had the chance to start my own business, I wanted it to be New York, New York through and through. And that is the reality of Postcard. We locally source just about everything, beginning with our headquarters based in downtown Manhattan, to hiring local staff and freelancers, creating our iOS and Android platforms with Brooklyn’s AppPartner and printing our products at our Manhattan-based printing facility. Not only do I have a personal connection to this city, but, as we walk-the-walk of social responsibility, I wanted our local NYC community to be a complete part of that journey with us.

3. Every day, One Step Closer. Since the very early days of Postcard, a particular phrase echoed through our vernacular—One Step Closer. It began as somewhat of a mantra around the office reminding us of the everyday challenges a start up faces. There are setbacks and detours alongside small wins and big shifts. All of it added up to the incremental nature of progress and that, every day we found ourselves one step closer to another achievement. The phrase also connected us to our non-profit partners, who understand that the world’s problems do not disappear overnight, and a persistent drive will ultimately lead to a better future. Finally, One Step Closer resonated within our brands themselves. The act of sending physical postcards out of protest, for memories or to share beauty—these actions would bring people one step closer to one another and to what they care about: the bedrock sentiment that Postcard stands upon.

Much has changed since that first meeting, with Postcard now driving physical human connections with social impact, personal story sharing, student civic engagement, and arts and culture. As these pieces come into place, we continue to dream big and look to what is next, one step closer to our future transformations.

- Paul Roer, CEO, June 2015

The Team

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