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Live. Love. Loris.

The loris is a primate that occupies much of southern and southeastern Asia. They have become endangered in the past few years due to habitat loss and hunting. Lorises are sought out to be used for religious ceremonies or to be bought and sold as pets to wealthy buyers. Their removal upsets the delicate balance in the ecosystem. They are also hunted to be used as laboratory animals to be tested on. Before they are traded off, many hunters remove their teeth without anesthetic to prevent them from attacking causing pain and infection. As pets, the lorises needs are not met and many of them must endure the bright lights of their enclosures, despite their nocturnal nature. Their omnivorous diets are also often disregarded, leading to a host of diseases and slow, painful death.

Join our campaign to save the loris! Take action and send a postcard to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to help bring this cause to their attention so they can use their resources and publicity to spread awareness about this animal. The more awareness for the loris, the better its situation will be. Feel free to include a personal message about how this makes you feel and why YOU think they need help! Help us save this poor animal.

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