Prison Not For Profit

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Prison Not For Profit

Since the 1980’s, states facing budget cuts have difficulty providing housing, healthcare, food, and security for millions of inmates. As a result, profit-hungry organizations, like the GEO group, have created proposals to prison officials, offering to buy and manage public prisons at a reduced cost to the states. This is known as prison privatization, the process by which third party, for-profit companies are contracted by the government to oversee the running of a prison facility.
Realistically, these companies operate these intended rehabilitation centers as businesses, focusing primarily on limiting expenses in any way possible. This economic focus has caused a decrease in prison quality. Prisoners are facing mounting problems such as limited healthcare and declining food quality as the privatization of prisons persists.

Regan Clarine was a victim of prison privatization in Arizona. While in prison, Regan was pregnant and had a C-section. Her C-section wounds were treated with packets of sugar instead of antibiotics to save money. This method can be traced back to the early twentieth century, and is no longer accepted as a medical practice. Regan is understandably traumatized from these events. Unfortunately, similar events transpire in prisons daily as a result of privatization within prison systems.

With this message, we hope to encourage people to voice their support, and join the movement to call on senators to pass legislative reform regarding the end of prison privatization. The poor treatment of prisoners not only has adverse effects on the prisoners themselves, but also on society due to re-incarceration being encouraged rather than rehabilitation as a way to increase profits. Prison privatization is neither fiscally responsible nor principally just.

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