Stop Popping Pills and Start Paying Bills

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Stop Popping Pills and Start Paying Bills

Welcome to the Drug Abuse Postcard Campaign, run by freshmen at Manhattan Early College School for Advertising. Our campaign is all about stopping drug abuse in New York City.

This campaign aims to help people realize that drugs are not always the answer to everything. People often become addicted to drugs and are unable to realize the important things in life such as family, responsibility and health. As people focus more on drugs they end up forgetting that they have other responsibilities and succumb to addiction.

We want you to help us by talking to at least a few people or family members or even friends that are going through this problem of drug abuse. After you have talked to them about what could happen if they keep on using drugs, spread out and inform others about our call to action. Also make sure to let them know about the Free Rehab Centers in NYC so that they can get the help that they need.

On the front of the postcard send a picture of yourself with your thumbs up and on the back write an encouraging message to the person in the rehab center so that they can have the strength to keep going. For example: You are doing the right thing do not give up.

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