The xeNO! Campaign

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The xeNO! Campaign

Welcome to the xeNO postcard campaign, run by a 9th grade ELA team of Manhattan Early College School for Advertising. Our campaign is about raising awareness and stopping the increase of Xenophobia throughout America. Our goal is to bring awareness to the negative effects of Xenophobia and how it affects people on an everyday basis. Right now Xenophobia is at an all time high and we believe Trump is a huge cause of this. You can be a key component to helping our movement gain recognition.

Think of a time a group of people disowned you and acted as if they're better than you based off of something that represents you. The feeling of neglect and abandonment for simply being yourself. We believe that nobody, no matter his/her/their position, is better than another. Xenophobia is people who fear citizens from foreign countries. By taking the time to submit a postcard, you are already making a stand; you’re becoming more aware of the pain and heartache brought upon others.

Help us by forming your own postcard. Upload and email your postcard with you screaming out the word “xeNO!” with a speech bubble surrounding it. Feel free to add other images to the image that describe how you feel about xenophobia. Your postcard with be printed and sent directly to The Oval office as soon as Trump takes office.

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