#UseYourVOICE to Stop Bullying

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#UseYourVOICE to Stop Bullying

Students at VOICE Charter School have recognized that they are being affected by bullying. They plan to use this campaign to raise awareness for the students and teachers and to inspire them to do their part to end bullying. We will create photos and drawings to highlight how bullying affects us, how it makes people feel, what we can do to stop bullying, and what kinds of bullying exist in our school. We will write messages that are tips and advice to stop bullying, suggestions for how to help a victim, who to turn to if you if you are a victim of bullying, and messages of support and encouragement. The postcards will be designed into a quilt-like mural to be hung year after year in the hallways of VOICE as a reminder that bullying is a problem that everyone can help to stop.

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