We live in an era of digitally-enabled activism. A single hashtag can capture the imaginations and passions of a million followers. There’s huge power in numbers. But affecting change requires something else: presence.

Postcard Impact dimensionalizes online collective action. We are a simple, digital tool for creating personalized postcards that are printed and delivered en masse to the real world. One batch may end up on a Senator’s desk. Another batch may appear as an art mural in a public space. A third batch may be distributed at a live event. The possibilities are limitless.

One postcard can make a huge impression. Especially when it is accompanied by a few thousand friends.



Congress has some of the lowest approval rates in history.

How can Congress do better?

What problems do you want Congress to focus on?

Hold your Senators and Representatives accountable by sending them a postcard with a picture of yourself showing what your care about. Then type a message telling them what you think they should do.

Speak Up for Wild Florida!

We Floridians are united by our love for the natural beauty of our state, our white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters, primeval swamps and marshes, sunlit pine woods.

But every hour, we lose 20 acres of open land in Florida to development. The wild Florida we love is disappearing fast, and we have a responsibility to protect it for future generations.

State conservation programs like Florida Forever protect crucial habitats across the state for future generations, but they’ve been seriously underfunded.

In 2014, 3 in 4 Florida voters supported Constitutional Amendment 1 to dedicate a fund of $740 million solely for the “acquisition and restoration of conservation lands.” Voters expected that much of this would go to Florida Forever, our state’s signature land acquisition program that purchases crucial habitat across Florida. But our legislature misused this on maintenance spending, and Florida Forever received only $15.2 million- barely 2% of the total. The people and environment of Florida are being shortchanged- and all of us stand to lose out.

This March, Florida’s legislature convenes and will decide how to fund these conservation programs. If Florida’s citizens speak up for protecting wild Florida and what it means to our economy and way of life, legislators will have to listen. If we remind them of their duty to follow our state constitution and the will of voters, they will have to act.

I’m walking from my home in Gainesville to Tallahassee to let our legislature know that Wild Florida matters to us. Join me by speaking up for Wild Florida! Upload a photo of you or loved ones in Wild Florida, and tell the Florida legislature why protecting Wild Florida matters to you. When I arrive in Tallahassee, I will hand deliver your printed postcards to our legislators.

Send Paul Ryan a Postcard!

Since Paul Ryan has blocked his office phones and fax numbers, and is turning away people who show up to deliver petitions, time to change tactics. Use this to upload any photo you like and write down that you're telling him NO to defunding Planned Parenthood, NO to repealing the ACA, and NO to privatizing Medicare!

Your card will be printed and sent to Paul Ryan's home as well as be displayed on a digital mosaic to be seen and shared online here: http://postcard.com/impact/mosaic?movement=139

Tell Trump You Care About the Planet!

Support Kids 4 Planet Earth - Tell Trump you care about the planet! Send a free postcard to the White House by Earth Day, April 22nd, 2017, telling the new administration how important addressing climate change is to you. Upload a photo, take a picture of a drawing, whatever image you choose and write a few words about how important this is for our future.

Our goal is to send 1 million letters from kids in every state. 97% of scientist recognize that man-made climate change is real and a threat to our continued prosperity. We can’t wait to act and we need to bring further attention to this crisis.

Support the Women's March 100 Actions!

In solidarity with the Women's March's 100 Actions, 100 Days, we at Postcard.com are inviting people to write a postcard to your Senator about what matters most to you - and how you’re going to continue to fight for it in the days, weeks and months ahead. Upload any photo you like and with your words, pour your heart out on any issue that you care about, whether it’s ending gender-based violence, reproductive rights and women’s health, LGBTQIA rights, worker’s rights, civil rights, immigrant rights, religious freedom, environmental justice or anything else.

Your postcard will be printed and sent to your Senator as well as appear on the Impact Mosaic on Postcard.com to be seen and shared.

Tell Majority Leader McConnell it’s Time for #JusticeReformNOW

Right now, we have an opportunity to fix one of the biggest moral crises of our time.

The failed “War on Drugs” that began more than 40 years ago has resulted in a system that is unjustly biased. From arrest to release, people of color and low-income individuals are disproportionately over-represented throughout the criminal justice system. African Americans and Latinos make up 27% of the U.S. population but 70% of the federal prison population.

It is time to decide what kind of nation we want to be. Are we a nation committed to justice, fairness, and redemption or will we continue to incarcerate more people than any other country on earth?

Smart, responsible bipartisan reforms like the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act will make the system work more fairly and efficiently and ensure that our communities are safe places for our friends and families.

These are the kinds of reforms that Americans want. Recent polls commissioned by the ACLU and Pew Charitable Trusts show that the vast majority of Americans across party lines and demographics agree: We should reduce our prison population, reform mandatory minimum sentencing, and provide greater opportunity for rehabilitation and treatment.

Senators need to hear from you. Add your voice to this campaign and tell Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell why you support the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015.

Upload a photo and share a message on #JusticeReformNOW. Your postcard will be printed and delivered to Senator McConnell’s office.

This moment offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity that could save entire communities and transform millions of lives. We must not let it pass.

Unapologetically YOU!

The world surmounts an irrational level of pressure forcing women apologize for something natural, something that should be applauded. The need to sexualize our bodies has led to shaming women for being who they are born to be - for feeding their children.

The assaults on mothers trying to nourish their children in public are a crime. To you… you the women who head the call to be mothers amongst the hate…. I say be you unapologetically! This movement is for you! For you who will not be shamed or ridicule for being what God blessed you to be, for you that will stand tall against the social media standards!

Please upload a photo of you and your child and write a message stating the importance of being able to feed your children whenever, and wherever you need to. Your image and photo will become part of an art piece, used to encourage other mothers to be their authentic selves. Thank you for being strong, being proud and unapologetically you!

Wings of Rescue #PostcardsforPets - Share Your Pet Adoption Stories to Save More Lives

Wings of Rescue wants to hear from you the stories of when you knew your pet was “the one”. Maybe they flew in on a Wings of Rescue freedom flight as one of the 19,000 pets we have saved from economic euthanasia that went to one of our shelter partners to be adopted… by you. Or maybe you saw him or her at a rescue event or at a foster home and just couldn’t walk way from that cute furry face. We just love to hear these stories of how you met your pets and we want to give you a fun and visible forum to shout from the rooftops how much your pet means to you.

Wings of Rescue is thrilled to team up with Postcard.com which will allow you to easily and quickly create an online postcard with your adoption story and pet’s favorite glamour shot. These postcards will then be printed and displayed at a special gallery showing in Los Angeles before being moved to the Wings of Rescue airplane hanger for permanent display. Please indicate which shelter or rescue you adopted from and we will send a copy of your postcard for them to display as well.

We are so excited to start reading all of your stories and view the fun images of your furry family members. Our main goal is to illustrate the importance of what Wings of Rescue does to fly thousands of animals to freedom on a weekly basis along side our volunteers and approximately 75 dedicated shelter partners. But secondly, we want to bring awareness to the plight of shelter pets everywhere and why they make the best companions. With your help, let’s show the world why shelter pets are the best so more people get out there and start adopting these amazing animals!

Take Action for Kentucky Clean Energy

Kentucky still gets 92% of its energy from coal and leads the nation in toxic air pollution from power plants. Jobs in the coal industry have been on the decline for decades and Kentuckians have seen an 82% increase in electric bills between 2000-2013. Our leaders need to support comprehensive solutions to transition the Commonwealth away from being overly reliant on coal. This includes developing renewables like solar and wind, investing in energy efficiency projects and worker transition programs. This will reduce toxic air and water pollution while lowering electric bills and creating jobs.

Governor Bevin should support energy efficiency and renewables in the Commonwealth to grow our economy, lower electric bills, and protect our health.


New York City's infamous jail complex, Rikers Island, has been a cauldron of violence, corruption and despair for decades. Rikers is beyond reform - despite increased attention and funding, violence increased in 2015. JustLeadershipUSA, in partnership with the Katal Center, and dozens of other organizations are asking Mayor de Blasio to close the jail and rebuild the communities harmed by mass incarceration.

“With a 66% recidivism rate, annual operating costs in the hundreds of millions, and hundreds of reports of staff brutality and violence each year, what Rikers fails to deliver in public safety it delivers in human carnage.​ ​​Many of the people at Rikers need support — including addiction treatment, mental health services, employment training, safe and affordable housing and access to education. The vast majority have not been convicted of any crime. They are there because they are too poor to pay their bail."​ ​- JusticeLeadershipUSA.org

Do you think​ ​it's time to close Rikers? Add your voice to this campaign​ ​by sending Mayor de Blasio a postcard. Upload a photo and write a message sharing your thoughts about​ ​closing the jail. We will use your photo and message to create a ​​actual​ ​postcard, delivered to Mayor de Blasio’s office.

End the Clean Energy Freeze

Ohio still generates the majority of its electricity from coal. Pollution from coal plants includes mercury, carbon, and small particle pollution, which impacts our air and water quality.

The clean energy standards Ohio adopted in 2008 reduced our dependence on coal, created jobs, and saved ratepayers over $1 billion. The state legislature froze our clean energy standards in 2014 for two years.

Upload your photo and tell Governor Kasich why you want him to protect our communities and support clean energy in Ohio-starting with an end to the freeze

Suffering the Silence

Join Lyme Connection to create a postcard and be featured in a Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Exhibit!

Here's how to get involved:

Write your diagnosis on your left arm, and take a photo of yourself covering your mouth as if “silenced” by your illness. Share a quote about living with tick-borne disease to break that silence. Then, upload your photo and quote to this website with the hashtags: #LymeConnection #TickedOff.

Your photo and quote will become a physical postcard, incorporated into an exhibit to raise awareness around Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease in Ridgefield, CT this May.


What do you care about? Immigration reform? Environmental protection? Inequality? Tell Donald Trump with a postcard.

Upload a photo of yourself, or an image you want to share with him. Then type a message telling him what you think is important to move this country forward.

We will turn your image and message into a printed postcard. We will send your postcard, along with the other cards created, directly to Donald Trump's headquarters so he can see and read firsthand what thousands of concerned citizens stand for and believe in.

We can make a difference in this presidential campaign if we tell candidates like Donald Trump what WE THE PEOPLE want.
They just have to listen.


In one year alone 12.7 million men and women in the U.S. are physically abused, raped or stalked by their partners. That is approximately the number of people in New York City and Los Angeles combined. That is 24 people every minute. These are people we know.

Add your voice to the movement to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

We invite you to upload an image and write a message explaining why you SAY NO MORE.

Your image and message will be displayed on www.postcardssaynomore.com and in NO MORE Week of Action postcard displays around the country (March 6-12)!

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