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New York City's infamous jail complex, Rikers Island, has been a cauldron of violence, corruption and despair for decades. Rikers is beyond reform - despite increased attention and funding, violence increased in 2015. JustLeadershipUSA, in partnership with the Katal Center, and dozens of other organizations are asking Mayor de Blasio to close the jail and rebuild the communities harmed by mass incarceration.

“With a 66% recidivism rate, annual operating costs in the hundreds of millions, and hundreds of reports of staff brutality and violence each year, what Rikers fails to deliver in public safety it delivers in human carnage.​ ​​Many of the people at Rikers need support — including addiction treatment, mental health services, employment training, safe and affordable housing and access to education. The vast majority have not been convicted of any crime. They are there because they are too poor to pay their bail."​ ​- JusticeLeadershipUSA.org

Do you think​ ​it's time to close Rikers? Add your voice to this campaign​ ​by sending Mayor de Blasio a postcard. Upload a photo and write a message sharing your thoughts about​ ​closing the jail. We will use your photo and message to create a ​​actual​ ​postcard, delivered to Mayor de Blasio’s office.

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