Speak Up for Wild Florida!

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Speak Up for Wild Florida!

We Floridians are united by our love for the natural beauty of our state, our white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters, primeval swamps and marshes, sunlit pine woods.

But every hour, we lose 20 acres of open land in Florida to development. The wild Florida we love is disappearing fast, and we have a responsibility to protect it for future generations.

State conservation programs like Florida Forever protect crucial habitats across the state for future generations, but they’ve been seriously underfunded.

In 2014, 3 in 4 Florida voters supported Constitutional Amendment 1 to dedicate a fund of $740 million solely for the “acquisition and restoration of conservation lands.” Voters expected that much of this would go to Florida Forever, our state’s signature land acquisition program that purchases crucial habitat across Florida. But our legislature misused this on maintenance spending, and Florida Forever received only $15.2 million- barely 2% of the total. The people and environment of Florida are being shortchanged- and all of us stand to lose out.

This March, Florida’s legislature convenes and will decide how to fund these conservation programs. If Florida’s citizens speak up for protecting wild Florida and what it means to our economy and way of life, legislators will have to listen. If we remind them of their duty to follow our state constitution and the will of voters, they will have to act.

I’m walking from my home in Gainesville to Tallahassee to let our legislature know that Wild Florida matters to us. Join me by speaking up for Wild Florida! Upload a photo of you or loved ones in Wild Florida, and tell the Florida legislature why protecting Wild Florida matters to you. When I arrive in Tallahassee, I will hand deliver your printed postcards to our legislators.

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