Unapologetically YOU!

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Unapologetically YOU!

The world surmounts an irrational level of pressure forcing women apologize for something natural, something that should be applauded. The need to sexualize our bodies has led to shaming women for being who they are born to be - for feeding their children.

The assaults on mothers trying to nourish their children in public are a crime. To you… you the women who head the call to be mothers amongst the hate…. I say be you unapologetically! This movement is for you! For you who will not be shamed or ridicule for being what God blessed you to be, for you that will stand tall against the social media standards!

Please upload a photo of you and your child and write a message stating the importance of being able to feed your children whenever, and wherever you need to. Your image and photo will become part of an art piece, used to encourage other mothers to be their authentic selves. Thank you for being strong, being proud and unapologetically you!

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