Wings of Rescue #PostcardsforPets - Share Your Pet Adoption Stories to Save More Lives

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Wings of Rescue #PostcardsforPets - Share Your Pet Adoption Stories to Save More Lives

Wings of Rescue wants to hear from you the stories of when you knew your pet was “the one”. Maybe they flew in on a Wings of Rescue freedom flight as one of the 19,000 pets we have saved from economic euthanasia that went to one of our shelter partners to be adopted… by you. Or maybe you saw him or her at a rescue event or at a foster home and just couldn’t walk way from that cute furry face. We just love to hear these stories of how you met your pets and we want to give you a fun and visible forum to shout from the rooftops how much your pet means to you.

Wings of Rescue is thrilled to team up with which will allow you to easily and quickly create an online postcard with your adoption story and pet’s favorite glamour shot. These postcards will then be printed and displayed at a special gallery showing in Los Angeles before being moved to the Wings of Rescue airplane hanger for permanent display. Please indicate which shelter or rescue you adopted from and we will send a copy of your postcard for them to display as well.

We are so excited to start reading all of your stories and view the fun images of your furry family members. Our main goal is to illustrate the importance of what Wings of Rescue does to fly thousands of animals to freedom on a weekly basis along side our volunteers and approximately 75 dedicated shelter partners. But secondly, we want to bring awareness to the plight of shelter pets everywhere and why they make the best companions. With your help, let’s show the world why shelter pets are the best so more people get out there and start adopting these amazing animals!

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