Postcard Educate is a social action platform created specifically for classrooms at all grade levels. It is designed for teachers working to inspire students to become global citizens dedicated to making the world a better place through action.

With Postcard Educate, students and educators create their own Postcard Impact-style campaigns. Students choose the issue, create the campaign, and write the call-to-action. We print and deliver the final set of postcards to the classroom, and to those the students are hoping to make an impression on.

Teachers have access to an engaging tool for integrating social action into their curriculum and students gain experience in creating grassroots movements.


Power Over Poverty

This is the “Power over Poverty” postcard campaign created by 9th graders at Manhattan Early College School for Advertising. Our campaign is to help stop poverty state by state, starting in New York. Your postcards will be sent straight to a local food bank in New York City that we support.

This Is How You Can Help:
1. Write one word on a piece of paper explaining how you feel when you hear the word “poverty”. Ex: sad, angry

2. Write a full sentence on the same piece of paper lm you think that poverty should be stopped worldwide.

3.Take a picture of you holding the piece of paper.

Stop Popping Pills and Start Paying Bills

Welcome to the Drug Abuse Postcard Campaign, run by freshmen at Manhattan Early College School for Advertising. Our campaign is all about stopping drug abuse in New York City.

This campaign aims to help people realize that drugs are not always the answer to everything. People often become addicted to drugs and are unable to realize the important things in life such as family, responsibility and health. As people focus more on drugs they end up forgetting that they have other responsibilities and succumb to addiction.

We want you to help us by talking to at least a few people or family members or even friends that are going through this problem of drug abuse. After you have talked to them about what could happen if they keep on using drugs, spread out and inform others about our call to action. Also make sure to let them know about the Free Rehab Centers in NYC so that they can get the help that they need.

On the front of the postcard send a picture of yourself with your thumbs up and on the back write an encouraging message to the person in the rehab center so that they can have the strength to keep going. For example: You are doing the right thing do not give up.

Power to the People

The Power to the People postcard campaign, run by ninth graders at The Manhattan Early College School for Advertising. This campaign is about stopping police brutality and racism. This is to support organizations that are trying to fight against racism and police brutality, such as Crossroads Antiracism Organizing and Training, NAACP, INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, and the National Black Justice Coalition. Together we can put an end to police brutality and diminish racism once and for all … but we need your help!

Here is how you can help:

Take a picture of yourself holding up a raised fist (made popular by the Black Panthers Movement)
Take a picture of yourself wearing all black with a sign saying “#powertothepeople”.

Your image will spread awareness and show support to those organizations addressing racism and police brutality in our society.

The xeNO! Campaign

Welcome to the xeNO postcard campaign, run by a 9th grade ELA team of Manhattan Early College School for Advertising. Our campaign is about raising awareness and stopping the increase of Xenophobia throughout America. Our goal is to bring awareness to the negative effects of Xenophobia and how it affects people on an everyday basis. Right now Xenophobia is at an all time high and we believe Trump is a huge cause of this. You can be a key component to helping our movement gain recognition.

Think of a time a group of people disowned you and acted as if they're better than you based off of something that represents you. The feeling of neglect and abandonment for simply being yourself. We believe that nobody, no matter his/her/their position, is better than another. Xenophobia is people who fear citizens from foreign countries. By taking the time to submit a postcard, you are already making a stand; you’re becoming more aware of the pain and heartache brought upon others.

Help us by forming your own postcard. Upload and email your postcard with you screaming out the word “xeNO!” with a speech bubble surrounding it. Feel free to add other images to the image that describe how you feel about xenophobia. Your postcard with be printed and sent directly to The Oval office as soon as Trump takes office.

Stop Gang Violence | ACT

Gang violence impacts communities because gangs instill fear into residents with graffiti, vandalism,
intimidation, and drug sales. Communities are in fear of becoming victims to gang violence,
which can lead to minor injuries to serious injuries and even death. Therefore people should support
the Police Athletic League because it gives the youth an opportunity to do more things than
joining gangs.

Upload a photo of yourself participating in a favorite sport to show your support for our movement.


YOLO. You Only Live Once so make sure you use protection so that you can live life to the fullest and don’t get sidetracked by a baby. “Love and Affection, Don’t Forget Your Protection” is our slogan as we mail our postcards to a school that does not teach sex ed. In 2014, 249,078 babies were born to women aged 15 to 19 and 57% of females do not get sexual education. Being that there are a number of diseases that can be contracted through sexual intercourse, YOLO wants to spread the word and make sure that people know that wearing protection is best way to ensure that you can truly live to the fullest.

In order to get the message out, take a picture of yourself with
(a) contraception and/or
(b) a fact or message related to the importance of sex education and/or
(c) a sign with our hashtag #loveandaffectionuseprotection.

Write a message in favor of comprehensive sex education in schools.

Debullify The World

When you notice bullying, you should be an upstander of bullying and try to help others out of it. Show them how to be strong in those situations and never let the pressure of bullying consume them. Help those who need it and try to stop the bullying.

Take a picture of yourself as a victim of bullying or as an upstander of bullying and share the story to help others know that they can make it through the pressure of bullying. Show how you overcame your bully and want to help others do the same. Also, please make sure to say in your postcard which school you go to. These postcards will be displayed around schools in the vicinity to help stop bullying.

Terminate School Shootings

On December 14, 2012, a piece of breaking news shook the world. 20 students and 6 adults were killed by Adam Lanza in Newtown, Connecticut, at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We, 9th graders from Manhattan Early College School for Advertising, (Adrian G., Jazlyn A.-G., Hailey C. and Jordan C.) are trying to prevent incidents like the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings from ever happening again.

We want our voices to be heard! We want to pass a law to start background checks at gun shows, and to have better security measures at schools. We also want to bring awareness to people in power, and make them realize that stronger gun laws need to be placed. We are planning to send this to the White House and to different senators in other states.

What you can do to help:
1. Send a picture of a fact about school shootings or gun violence.
2. Take a selfie holding a #TogetherWeCanProtectSchools written in your favorite color crayon.
3. Make a collage for the people who have died in school shootings.
4. Tell us how school shootings have personally affected you.

#UseYourVOICE to Stop Bullying

Students at VOICE Charter School have recognized that they are being affected by bullying. They plan to use this campaign to raise awareness for the students and teachers and to inspire them to do their part to end bullying. We will create photos and drawings to highlight how bullying affects us, how it makes people feel, what we can do to stop bullying, and what kinds of bullying exist in our school. We will write messages that are tips and advice to stop bullying, suggestions for how to help a victim, who to turn to if you if you are a victim of bullying, and messages of support and encouragement. The postcards will be designed into a quilt-like mural to be hung year after year in the hallways of VOICE as a reminder that bullying is a problem that everyone can help to stop.

Our Voices

We are participants at the Union for Reform Judaism’s Kutz Camp this summer. This summer we have explored how teens can make a difference by speaking out on the issues and injustice in this world that needs to change. We will be creating postcards that reflect the issues we care most about. We will then share those postcards with our community and camp and our communities back at home. We are citizens of this global world who care and can be change agents by collectively using our voices to make a difference by standing up for those who need our support.

Justice Wasn't Served. It Was Bought.

When prisoners become units from which profit is derived, there is a tendency to see them as commodities”. - Ira P. Robbins
For-profit prisons are unjust. For-profit prisons take advantage of people who are incarcerated for nonviolent offenses such as theft, drug possession, and illegal immigration. These prisons increase their profits the more prisoners they house and the longer their

Corporations such as the GEO Group Inc. and Corrections Corporations of America (CCA) make millions from their prison contracts each year as well as charging exorbitant fees for phone calls, housing, and other services in prison. According to a study by Anita Mukherjee at the University of Wisconsin, people who go to a private prison spend an average of 60 to 90 days longer in prison for the same crimes. It is immoral for any system to exploit people to gain a profit for themselves.

A way to end privatized prisons is through the Justice Is Not For Sale Act. The Justice Is Not For Sale Act (H. R. 3543) was introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders, Representative Raul M. Grijalva, Representative Keith Ellison and Representative Bobby L. Rush. The goal of this act is to end contracts with private companies that run prisons, as well as to regulate more closely who goes to prison. We, the students in The Center for Social Justice in Montclair High School want to see this bill passed to dissolve for-profit prisons.

We cannot advance prison reform without changing existing laws. Join us in helping to raise awareness for the Justice Is Not For Sale Act. Write a message of support to Representative Keith Ellison to help push this bill through.

Follow us on Instagram @csjnot4profitprisons

The Cornell Benjamin Memorial Park Campaign

Students at Satellite Academy High School were learning about a People's History of the Bronx. They read the graphic memoir Ghetto Brother: Warrior to Peacemaker by Julian Voloj. The memoir paints a picture of the South Bronx during the tumultuous 60s and 70s. One of the many gangs in the South Bronx, the Ghetto Brothers, decided to take a different approach. Influenced by the work of the Black Panthers and the Young Lords, the Ghetto Brothers worked to foster peace between the gangs and strengthen the neighborhood through community service and rehabilitation programs. Cornell Benjamin, also known as Black Benji, was the Peace Ambassador for the Ghetto Brothers. Tragically, he was killed trying to mediate a truce between two rival gangs. His untimely death sparked a enormous Peace Meeting at the Hoe Avenue Boys and Girls Club which led to a borough-wide truce between gangs. Benjy Melendez, president and co-founder of the Ghetto Brothers visited Satellite Academy and spoke to students about the work that they could do to keep Cornell's memory alive.

This meeting inspired the students of Satellite Academy to take action. They hope to deliver postcards to the South Bronx City Council representative, Rafael Salamanca Jr., asking that Councilmember Salamanca rename the park where Cornell Benjamin was killed as a tribute to his efforts to build peace. Please upload a photo and write a message in support of their campaign. Your photo and message will become a physical postcard delivered directly to Councilmember Salamanca.

Glorify Green!

The world is manufacturing more artificial products than ever before. After only one use, most of these materials end up in a landfill where they take hundreds or even thousands of years to decompose. Recycling and the use of biodegradable products is essential to preserving our environment, as materials such as styrofoam are extremely hazardous.

Styrofoam, an informal name for polystyrene, is a non-biodegradable substance used frequently in businesses. Since the petroleum-based plastic material is resistant to photolysis, it never fully decomposes. Polystyrene has been declared the main component of marine debris, because of its unique property to float. Styrene, a main component of polystyrene is a human carcinogen. In addition, the production of styrofoam releases 57 chemical byproducts that contribute significantly to diminishing our ozone layer.

The Alachua County landfill closed down in 1998 when it reached its maximum capacity, and now Alachua County waste is shipped 36 miles away to the New River Regional Landfill. Attached is one of the most recent photos of our landfill. We believe that by advertising biodegradable products and making it advantageous to companies to use them instead of polystyrene products, Gainesville can make a change for the betterment of its environment Some biodegradable products include: post-consumer recycled paper, bamboo, and corn plastic. We would also like to promote the development of a public styrofoam recycling facility in Gainesville. Although this is not the most environmentally friendly option, because of all the energy used to transform the material, one is able to decrease the amount of waste left in landfills for prolonged periods of time. If you want to keep Gainesville’s environment clean and preserve its beauty, join the fight!

Prison Not For Profit

Since the 1980’s, states facing budget cuts have difficulty providing housing, healthcare, food, and security for millions of inmates. As a result, profit-hungry organizations, like the GEO group, have created proposals to prison officials, offering to buy and manage public prisons at a reduced cost to the states. This is known as prison privatization, the process by which third party, for-profit companies are contracted by the government to oversee the running of a prison facility.
Realistically, these companies operate these intended rehabilitation centers as businesses, focusing primarily on limiting expenses in any way possible. This economic focus has caused a decrease in prison quality. Prisoners are facing mounting problems such as limited healthcare and declining food quality as the privatization of prisons persists.

Regan Clarine was a victim of prison privatization in Arizona. While in prison, Regan was pregnant and had a C-section. Her C-section wounds were treated with packets of sugar instead of antibiotics to save money. This method can be traced back to the early twentieth century, and is no longer accepted as a medical practice. Regan is understandably traumatized from these events. Unfortunately, similar events transpire in prisons daily as a result of privatization within prison systems.

With this message, we hope to encourage people to voice their support, and join the movement to call on senators to pass legislative reform regarding the end of prison privatization. The poor treatment of prisoners not only has adverse effects on the prisoners themselves, but also on society due to re-incarceration being encouraged rather than rehabilitation as a way to increase profits. Prison privatization is neither fiscally responsible nor principally just.

Live. Love. Loris.

The loris is a primate that occupies much of southern and southeastern Asia. They have become endangered in the past few years due to habitat loss and hunting. Lorises are sought out to be used for religious ceremonies or to be bought and sold as pets to wealthy buyers. Their removal upsets the delicate balance in the ecosystem. They are also hunted to be used as laboratory animals to be tested on. Before they are traded off, many hunters remove their teeth without anesthetic to prevent them from attacking causing pain and infection. As pets, the lorises needs are not met and many of them must endure the bright lights of their enclosures, despite their nocturnal nature. Their omnivorous diets are also often disregarded, leading to a host of diseases and slow, painful death.

Join our campaign to save the loris! Take action and send a postcard to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to help bring this cause to their attention so they can use their resources and publicity to spread awareness about this animal. The more awareness for the loris, the better its situation will be. Feel free to include a personal message about how this makes you feel and why YOU think they need help! Help us save this poor animal.

Mending the Wounds of Injustice: Modern Day Slavery

Twenty-seven million people around the world are still exposed to the bondage of slavery, with very little hope of being liberated. Human trafficking increases the growth of organized crime, harming the health, safety, security, and the basic needs of humanity. It is the fastest growing crime in the world. In our fight, we are asking you to send letters to those who have experienced this injustice and are currently in rehabilitation to give them hope and comfort. Please upload a photo and write a message to be sent to the A21’s Greek Office.

Rewild Life

We ask you to set aside some of your land, or to ask your local governments to do the same, and let nature take it back. This would restore valuable habitats to their original state to help wild flora and fauna thrive; while creating beautiful natural spaces that people can enjoy as well.

Save the Syrians

We define the American dream as the opportunity for all to achieve a stable and comfortable life with liberties and freedoms through hard work and determination. It is therefore our responsibility, as Americans and citizens of the world, to ensure that all people are granted this possibility, regardless of circumstances of faith, displacement, or past misfortunes.

Given this, the current Syrian Refugee Crisis requires action from the United States.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis is a consequence of a brutal civil war that began during the Arab spring uprisings of 2011. Over 4.8 million people have been displaced from their homes and forced to migrate west towards Europe and America while 6.5 are displaced within Syria. Many individuals have travelled hundreds of miles on foot or faced the dangers of human trafficking to reach countries without guarantee of admission.

Throughout this situation, the United States has made limited efforts to provide shelter for the vulnerable Syrians and their families. In 2016, President Obama set the goal for fiscal year to admit 10,000 refugees with the intent of increasing this to 100,000 by 2017. Despite this, the US has only admitted around 2,200 refugees since 2011. Refugees wishing to enter the US face an extensive vetting process that takes an average of 18 to 24 months to clear an individual for entry. Many conservative leaders in congress are calling for increasing refugee regulation or halting admittance altogether.

We must put aside our fears and open our doors to these refugees to mitigate this crisis. As a global leader we have this responsibility to the people of the world. But we can’t accomplish this goal without congressional support. We’re reaching out you, the community, to help us raise awareness and convince congress to take action.

Let's Talk About SEX!

In America, we have a longstanding tradition of pretending that sex does not exist. Abstinence-only sex education is rampant in schools and is extremely counterproductive. During puberty, teenagers are full of raging hormones and are encouraged by peers to explore the mystique of sex. The modern public education system never discusses the many different types of sex or the emotional implications that sex has. Accidental pregnancies and STI's can be devastating to a teen and should be avoided at all costs.

We are asking you to help us educate young adults and teenagers on proper sex conduct. We will be sending these to the United States education department and call for a specific focus on sex education in the Southern states, where sex education is most absent. For example, in countries like the Netherlands, where sexual education is extremely normalized and modernized, teen pregnancy and abortion rates are drastically lower than the US.

We should be educating our youth on sexual orientation, healthy sex, sexual values, and Sexually Transmitted Infections. This would greatly reduce the negative consequences of teen sex.

Where's the heart?

Home is where the heart is! Think about all the memories and comfort that your home holds. Now, imagine if you didn't have a home to call your own. In Gainesville, FL, the issue of homelessness is one that is oftentimes overlooked. Many people in the city live without a home in tent camps or take refuge at the Bo Diddley Plaza downtown. The numbers of homeless persons continue to grow as more people gather in makeshift communities.

Every person deserves to have a place to call home. One of the many organizations that aids homeless persons in Gainesville is the Alachua County Coalition for the Homeless and Hungry, who work through the GRACE Marketplace to provide shelter, meals, services, and help for those in need. But they can't do it all alone. The GRACE Marketplace is always in need of donations and volunteers to continue their cause.

Upload a postcard here where you write a note of positivity to the homeless at GRACE Marketplace, a pledge of volunteer services or a donation, or just a simple thank you to those at GRACE Marketplace who work so hard to help the homeless in our community. Your submission will be made into a physical postcard that we will send to the GRACE Marketplace campus!

For Sale?

Human trafficking is a globally growing issue often censored from the mainstream media. Each year, between 600,000 and 800,000 individuals are subjected to human trafficking internationally. From men to women, adults to children, human trafficking affects individuals from all social tiers. Although efforts have been made by Federal Governments including the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act, the public still fails to recognize the atrocities taking place in our own town. With this platform, we seek to spread awareness and to unite our voices under a common cause.

This is one step closer to the eradication of human trafficking as a whole. Join our fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. To get involved yourself, upload a photo and message to create a postcard showing your support for those who are or have been victimized. Help us to expose this injustice against human rights. Bring human trafficking to a red light.

1 (888) 373-7888
National Human Trafficking Resource Center


Children who know more than one language have an amplified sense of the world around them. Learning a second language at a younger age aids a child in his or her ability to understand the grammar and rules of their first language while also encouraging interest in other cultures. Lastly, once matured, he or she will have a wider selection of jobs, as multilingual people can bridge cultural gaps between their company and others.

No Paws Left Behind

98-99% of all animals in animal shelters are healthy and happy animals, yet 14% of animals in Alachua County are put down. Even at no-kill animal shelters, the shelters only accept a limited number of animals, meaning that hundreds of animals are still left out on the street.

The mission of our campaign is to find these animals happy homes by increasing funding for the Department of Animal Services. By providing animal shelters with a bigger budget, they can give the animals the treatment they need prior to adoption and expand the number of animals that can be cared for until they find a home.

This is where you come in: by writing a postcard to the Budget and Fiscal Services Department of Alachua County, FL, you can become part of the movement. With your help, we can bring attention to the lack of funding for animal services. Another way you can save lives is by donating to the No Kill Advocacy Center via, or you can volunteer at any of your local animal shelters.

Save Our Seas: A Campaign to Reduce Ocean Pollution

According to National Geographic, eight million tons of plastic waste ends up in our oceans every year. 500 million drinking straws are used everyday, which correlates to more than 125 buses filled with straws. This poses a great threat to our global environment. Among other plastic products, straws pose a serious threat to ocean habitats and the animals that live within them. Our campaign, Save Our Seas, aims to raise awareness about this commonly disregarded utensil and motivate local businesses to switch to biodegradable alternatives. Recently, SeaWorld and other Busch Entertainment Corporation parks have made the switch to biodegradable food containers, and local businesses can make an impact by doing the same.

Join our campaign, and send a postcard to your locally owned restaurants asking them to switch to biodegradable straws. Even one restaurant can make a difference to help marine animals throughout the globe. By participating in our campaign, you will be making a significant difference in the community. Use #SaveOurStraws to raise awareness for our cause and to let your friends know the difference that you are making both locally and globally.

All it Takes is One

In recent years, there has been a debate concerning the effects vaccinations have on the development of children. However, there is a startling lack of actual evidence supporting claims against vaccinations.

If you support our stance to have all children vaccinated, we ask that you create a postcard demonstrating your stance. These postcards will be sent to Governor Chris Christie, advocating for more legislation demanding the vaccination of our citizens.

For the image on the front of the postcard, we ask that you upload any artwork, photograph, or image that you feel expresses your feelings about vaccines and their outcomes. It can represent how you feel the world has changed since the development of vaccines, your own experiences with vaccines, the fight against the negative stigmas concerning autism, or anything you feel represents your personal beliefs concerning this issue. As examples, it could be a picture of you or your child, a person receiving a vaccination, or artwork creatively expressing the importance of this issue.

We ask that you also write a message about why vaccines are so important, and provide personal beliefs as well as scientific evidence, to convince legislators about the importance of this issue. Any form of anecdotal, empirical, or personal information related to this issue can be used.

We've also created a Q&A that disproves many common myths concerning autism, in the hopes that it encourages more parents to vaccinate their children:

Do vaccines cause autism?

Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a neurodevelopmental disorder, meaning that it affects aspects such as social interaction, communication, and can cause restricted interests and repetitive behavior (i.e. an autistic child who is only interested in painting, and has trouble doing anything else). This disorder has its roots in genetic issues, such as inherited mutations (where the genes are naturally altered during early development) and other dysfunctions that develop within the brain as a child ages. According to the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, about 1% of children in the US are diagnosed with ASD (1 in 68 children), whereas 95% of children in kindergarten have had vaccinations including those for measles, mumps, and flu. Given these statistics, vaccinations causing autism is so incredibly rare that the two have no correlation.

How do they work?

Vaccines work by imitating an infection with a dormant strain of the target disease; for example, flu vaccines contain a strain of the flu virus that is not active, but is still foreign to the body. The body's immune system then produces cells and antibodies to attack the dormant strain. By doing this, the body is able to learn how to destroy that specific disease, and can remember how to do it in the future so that when you are exposed to the disease, your body can get rid of it efficiently and before you even realize you were sick.

Side effects?

People who have been given vaccines will sometimes experience symptoms such as fevers, sweating, and aching, as if they have a cold; these symptoms are the body’s natural response to a foreign substance that the immune system is fighting off. The symptoms vary from person to person, but on average they never get more intense than a slight cold. However, according to the CDC, about 1 per 1,000,000 children are at risk for experiencing a serious allergic reaction to the ingredients used in vaccines. This risk is incredibly minimal; in any one year, the chance of being struck by lightning is higher than the risk of having an allergic response to a vaccine (one per seven-thousand vs. one per one million). In all, the side effects of vaccinations are much less than the effects of the actual diseases they are intended to protect against.

Why vaccinate my self or my child?

Firstly, vaccinating yourself and your child will help protect your family against and prevent the spread of harsh diseases such as polio, smallpox, measles, chicken pox, hepatitis, the flu, and many others. Additionally, vaccinating yourself and your family will build up a ""herd immunity”; in other words, it will greatly reduce the risk that an unvaccinated person or child with contract the disease. This is especially important for infants and children who are still too young to be vaccinated, because they have a lower chance of being exposed to disease. Vaccination, in the grand scheme of things, helps protect you, your family, and those around you from suffering from disease.

But, most of the diseases vaccines protect against are gone?

This is only partially true; diseases such as polio and small-pox aren’t as prevalent today as they were before the vaccines because today’s vaccines are holding these diseases at bay. If vaccines for polio, measles, mumps, and small-pox were discontinued completely, new strains of these diseases would show up again and cause more damage to the general health.

We appreciate any support you can offer for this cause. We hope that, with your help, we can make our citizens safe against preventable diseases.


Students at Alan Park HS are working to bring awareness to the issue of genocides throughout our history. Please upload a photo write a message about the importance of ending genocide. We will use your photo and message to create a physical postcard. Each postcard will be displayed in our school to help share this important information.

Exploration Goes Global!

This summer, Ms. D’Onofrio will be representing MS 447 through a program called “Teachers for Global Classrooms.” She will be traveling to India to meet with teachers and students, visit schools, learn about the Indian education system and talk about our school and our Exploration program. That’s where you come in!

When I meet Indian students, I want to do more than just tell them about my amazing school and students… I want to show them! MS 447 students, I would like to invite you to create a postcard that I can give to the Indian students I meet. You can design the front of the postcard in any way you’d like… including a photo, artwork, writing, or any combination of those elements. I would also like you to include a personalized message that will tell the student a little bit about yourself. Please use the guidelines below for inspiration!

Guidelines for Front of Postcard:
❏ Photo, artwork, writing or some combination of those elements
❏ Please use the following questions for inspiration! Your postcard should connect to at least one of these.
❏ What is something that makes Brooklyn unique?
❏ What is something that makes MS 447 unique?
❏ What is something that makes YOU unique?
❏ What is something in the world that you really care about?
❏ What is a message of friendship or goodwill that you would like to send to students in India?

Guidelines for Postcard Message:
❏ Please give your answers to 2-3 of these questions in the text of your postcard.
❏ Feel free to add any other friendly, positive message that you would like.
❏ What is your name?
❏ How old are you?
❏ What 3 words best describe you?
❏ What 3 words best describe MS 447?
❏ What 3 words best describe Brooklyn?
❏ What is your favorite thing about our school?
❏ What kind of work would you like to do when you grow up, and/or what would you like to study?
❏ What is something that makes you happy?
❏ What is a wish you have for the world?

NYC Loves Tap Water!

New York City’s tap water has been called “the champagne of drinking water.” The water supply system delivers one billion gallons a day to more than 9.5 million people.

This campaign seeks to increase New Yorker’s appreciation and understanding of where our drinking water comes from.

Your postcard should address some or all of these points:

❏ Convey a positive message about NYC tap water
❏ Encourage people to appreciate and conserve tap water
❏ Spread awareness about where our water comes from
❏ Spread awareness about how people can support, conserve, and improve our water system

Unique & United

We are all unique people with unique stories to tell, but we also have so much that we all share! The Unique & United campaign is working to empower the students of Daegu American High School of DODEA Pacific School District to share something about their own lives with other students around the world.

To get involved in this campaign, take a picture of something that represents your unique self. This could be an item from your country, something symbolizing a disability or talent, or any picture that shares something about you. Then, describe how that uniqueness fits into the place you live, and into the bigger global picture. For inspiration, try thinking about a local issue or social problem that your unique talents might help solve!

Some examples are, "I have autism and am good at drawing. I can use my talents to create art to improve the look of my neighborhood." "I live in a unique environment, because the yellow dust that is here has caused me to develop asthma. I want to use my unique experience to find solutions to air pollution"

Your photo and message will become a physical postcard, delivered to students at schools around the world.

Littering is Out of Fashion

Litter left in the streets of Baltimore ends up in storm drains where it flows down to the harbor and the ocean. Plastic trash does not decompose and ends up killing wildlife, polluting the water, and impacting our food chain. Take action now to stop litter and increase recycling in Baltimore!

Upload a photo and write a message drawing attention to the litter in the streets of our city. We will use your photo and message to create a physical postcard, delivered to the Office of the Mayor to help raise awareness for our project!

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